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Realtime offers a diverse range of Printed Circuit Board assembly solutions.

Our experienced team of engineers is confident with the most complex projects. Thus, our services vary from Single-Sided Plated through-hole assembly to complex Multi-Layered with MBGA (Micro Ball Grid Array) solutions. We have 22 years of experience in electronic manufacturing, such as Prototyping, Full Product PCB Assembly, Box Build, Surface Mount Technology (SMT), Functional Test and Inspection. We offer rapid turnkey solutions and worldwide delivery.

Realtime Technologies focuses on customers’ needs and the quality of products and services. Our customers are industrial companies, medical equipment manufacturers, wearable systems suppliers, automotive companies and much more. We offer full procurement of stock and material sousing service. Hence, we offer a one-stop solution and our customers focus mainly on their business.

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PCB assembly services provided:

Surface Mount Technology (SMT)

SMT is a technology for producing electronic circuits when the components mount directly on the surface of PCBs. We can place a variety of SMT components such as chips, resistors, capacitors, diodes, LEDs, batteries, transistors and much more. For such components, Realtime uses automated robotic assembly equipment, which is an essential step in PCB Assembly.

Thru-hole PCB Assembly

Thru-hole manufacturing is a method of PCB assembly which produces stronger bonds between boards and their components. Using thru-hole assembly leads to more robust products. It is important especially for industries where the components are faced with extreme environmental and mechanical stresses. Our highly trained, expert operators insert components by hand and solder by selective soldering machines. This ensures that we deliver the highest quality in our assembly services.

Box Built Assembly

Box Build is an electromechanical assembly process that involves enclosure installation of sub-assemblies and components. Additionally, there is installation and routing of cables, hardware, wire harnesses and fabrication of enclosures.

Ball Grid Array (BGA)

BGA is a type of surface-mount packaging, which is widely used for integrated circuits. To sum up, we have a proven experience in placement, inspection, troubleshoot and rework of BGAs. Realtime uses automated pick-and-place equipment for BGA and Micro BGA components. Such technology ensures high accuracy and perfect solder joints.

Conformal Coating

Realtime provides a high-quality conformal coating service for the protection of printed circuit boards from a wide range of environments. The conformal coating protects the PCB, and prevents corrosion and extends the working life. So, we provide a variety of coating materials and application methods such as spraying, selective coating, hand brushing, and robotic coating.

Testing and Inspection.

Each board goes through strict quality testing before the final shipment. PCB testing and inspection is a crucial stage in the electronic assembly process. Some examples of the rigorous testing our printed circuit boards must pass before they are dispatched include visual inspection, 3D X-ray inspection, AOI inspection, ICT (In-Circuit Test) and functional tests. Only after our products have passed our strict testing process will they be delivered, as we are dedicated to delivering industry leading quality to each of our customers.

Complex Turnkey Solutions

We provide complex turnkey solutions that bring your project to market faster. In addition to printed circuit board assembly, we also offer Box Build, Prototyping and Repair Services. Realtime uses customised enclosures, component sourcing and drop delivery services to accomplish this.

We are ready to provide you with a high-quality, one-stop-shop solution for all of your PCB assembly requirements. Please, contact us or get a free quote on PCB assembly services on your project right now.

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