Realtime Prototyping

PCB prototyping

Realtime Technologies offers rapid PCBA Prototyping Services.

Our company can provide the electronic assembly solution you require, including circuit board assembly, functional testing, pcb rework, and repair services. We provide customized circuit board design and quick turnaround PCBA prototyping according to your requirements. We deliver our products and services worldwide, also offer a number of services such as supply chain management and reverse logistics.

Our experts follow ISO13485:2016  Cert and ISO9001 quality certification ensuring high-quality products and services. By using our assembly facilities in Dublin we can provide you access to high technology assembly capabilities, the latest equipment, and skilled engineers to ensure a competitive approach to your project.

We have a reputation for high quality, fast turnaround, competitive pricing, and advanced process capabilities.

We understand on-time delivery is important. Our affordable pricing, fast lead times, and flexible prototyping services are key to developing your product successfully. We have professional soldering technicians, modern equipment, and prototyping experience to reduce your project development time dramatically.  Flexibility allows you changes and updates at the prototyping stage, integrated using our engineering expertise, minimizing costs at any future production. Save your time and money with our PCB prototyping services.

We provide very low to high volume electronic manufacturing services with total service support. Key support elements to our focused prototyping services include DFM Reporting the latest PCBA assembly equipment, rapid turnaround, and post-build report. Realtime Technologies is a leader in PCB prototype service in Ireland, because of our core values, attention to detail and high quality.

If you require PCB prototype services, please, contact us to discuss your PCBA requirements.

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