Realtime Material Sourcing

Supply Chain and  Materials Management solutions are key for Realtime Technologies.

Realtime Technologies has outstanding experience within the electronics industry. If you require a fast, high-quality, cost-effective one-stop solution, we can provide full turnkey services from PCB design through to complete product assembly. We offer complex supply chain services and international delivery to improve your project efficiency.

We have the essential key industry contacts and long-established connections with component distributors and transport companies. Whether it is a component sourcing, procurement service, inventory control, storage or logistics our team of professionals ensuring our customers the most professional service and full electronic component procurement service.  We are aware that projects of our customers required a speed of response and implementation.  By using our materials management services, our customers get supply chain reliability and on-time delivery. Thus, our customers get the flexibility in their production at minimal cost.

Components availability is of major importance and benefit for each project. We purchase millions of components each year. That gives an opportunity to be flexible and to find the best quality components and provide faster lead times for a project. The most common electronic components are available in our warehouse, such as conventional resistors, transistors, capacitors, a variety of chips, connectors, diodes, switches, power modules, inductors, wiring and cables, semiconductors, microcontrollers and so on. This impact positively on overall pricing strategy and delivery times.


We provide delivery to Europe, the US and the rest of the world with the most competitive rates. Your freight will arrive safe and on time.

Our sale managers are happy to share more details about our components sourcing and supply chain capabilities, please call us.

PCB Components

We collaborate only with trustworthy suppliers and maintain a reliable supply chain with them:

  • Focus on procurement, manufacture, quality, and logistics
  • Only reliable suppliers and manufacturers
  • High-quality components
  • Procurement assistance
  • Material traceability
  • Global logistics capabilities
  • Product storage
  • Located 5 min from Dublin International Airport
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