Realtime Medical Electronics

Medical Industry Microchip Assembling

Realtime is closely collaborating with companies operating in the medical sector and produces highly reliable medical electronics.

The medical electronics sector is dependent on technology and innovations. We have an experienced team of engineers and the latest inspection equipment for providing functional testing of products and services, which is proving to be a great benefit to our customers. The following are crucial for this industry: rigorous component selection, pcba quality control, and testing components for devices.

The manufacturing of medical products is a piece of equipment, people and process-intensive business. Rapid growth has enabled us to invest heavily in the latest technology machines and robots and our most critical resource, our people, to ensure that our customers have the most technologically advanced capabilities at their disposal. Our extensive engineering capabilities also allow us to manufacture electronics to precise customer specifications and provide a turnkey service. Our main customers in the medical sector include well known medical device manufacturers and medical equipment OEMs.

Realtime Technologies has focused on providing the same high-spec automated manufacturing facilities available to high volume PCB board producers to the low and medium volume market. This enables us to provide a high product mix and maximum flexibility at a much-reduced cost. Our focused approach has appealed particularly to customers who require a low-cost outsourced manufacturing solution to niche markets and low volume high-complexity products and is the ideal solution for product prototype builds.

Realtime Technologies is certified to ISO13485 – High-quality medical electronics. 

This demonstrates Realtime’s ability to provide medical equipment manufacturing and PCBA electronic services that consistently meet customer and regulatory requirements applicable to the production of medical equipment and related electronic services.

Here’s a link to a series of webinars by the Irish Institute of Digital Business on the future of healthcare and digital transformation in the industry.

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We provide products and services for Medical Analyzers, Pressure Testers and Monitors, Heart Monitors, cardio Analyzers, Receiver Units, and other Instruments. Our 22 years of manufacturing experience are enabling us to solve unusual issues in medical device design.

Realtime Technologies has a proficiency in manufacturing processes for medical electronics, fully integrated supply chain and post-sales customer services. Our engineers are able to review your project for manufacturability and reduce your time to market, please contact us.