Realtime Space & Aerospace Electronics Manufacturing

Aerospace Electronics

Realtime has been building Space & Aerospace electronics for more than 15 years.

The production of electronic components and systems for aerospace electronics requires long development cycles and high qualification costs. The space & aerospace sector’s components should meet special conditions related to corrosion, temperature, radiation, and functional performance.

Realtime Technologies has the expert knowledge, experience, and modern equipment set to provide premium electronic assemblies for space & aerospace applications. We support the products and services we support: space modules, electronics for launchers, satellites and rad-hardened systems, avionics systems, power supplies, EMI shielding, and circuit boards for the aerospace industry.

We develop innovative solutions for the space environment.

The Realtra division of Realtime Technologies develops a range of rad tolerant and rad-hard, yet cost-effective, modules primarily based on COTS parts. They have niche expertise in aerospace electronics that can deliver value to your offering.

Our engineers are ready to review your design. As is the situation with all of our products, we have the ability to tailor our offerings to suit the needs of your business.

Request a quote or discuss your project requirements with our Sales Team. If you would like to get in touch, we have multiple avenues on the Contact Us page.