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Realtime Technologies constantly invests in new, state of the art equipment. Building on this, we believe in ensuring our pcba equipment is of the highest quality to give clients the assurance they need to conduct business. As known, it is no secret that technology is advancing at a swift pace, and Realtime Technologies we are committed to updating to the latest models and trends. Fortunately, we have some of the most experienced people in the industry, which allow us to incorporate this equipment into our operation seamlessly. We accomplish this through training programs and constantly developing the workforce in all areas.

Manufacturing & Test Equipment

– NSP Class 7 Clean Room with Class 4 Laminar Flow Benches

– MYCRONIC MYC50 Conformal Coating System

– Universal Fuzion Placement Machines

– 3D X-Ray Inspection System – Nordson Dage XD7500VR Jade FP

– Automated Optical In-Line Inspection Systems – CyberOptics AOI

– PDR IR-E3 Evolution Series SMD/BGA Rework System

Various Blue M & Thermotron Environmental Chambers.

– Ling Vibration System, 1g Dynamics Random / Sine Vibration System.

– Thermal-Vacuum Chamber

– Ash Technologies OMNI High-Resolution Measurement System

– High Voltage Test / Stress Room

– Universal Fuzion Direct Tray Feeder

– Reflow Ovens – Speedline

– MPM Screen Printers, Electrovert Reflow Ovens

– TSC label printers

– Selective Soldering- ERSA SMARTFLOW 2020 – Using Various Alloys

– EMC Stencil & Board Cleaning System

– Super Dry Totech Dry Boxes

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CyberOptics AOI
CyberOptics AOI
Universal Fuzion Direct Tray Feeder
NSP Class 7 Clean Room with Class 4 Laminar Flow Benches