Automotive Assemblies

Our mission is to engineer top-quality solutions for Automotive, Medical and Aerospace industries.

These Industries are the most demanding markets that require the highest standards, access to technologies, professionalism from suppliers, and integrated solutions. Automotive and Aerospace electronics are totally different from the consumer electronics market. Realtime Automotive is focused on delivering high quality, value-added assembly solutions to a variety of international customers.

Realtime Technologies is an Automotive Assemblies Contract Manufacturing Supplier.

Our products and services include cable and box assemblies, modules, control panels, indicators, sensors and testers, PCBA, surface mount pick and place, thru-hole technology, fine pitch BGA, conformal coating, soldering, box builds, prototyping to enhance the reliability of automotive electronics.  Our core capabilities include engineering, lean manufacturing, prototyping, fabrication, assembly, testing, and repairing.

We are fully accredited to ISO9001:2015 and are working towards achieving TS16949, working in close partnership with our automotive customer base.

Need a price quote, or have a question about our services? Call us: Tel: +353 1 848 6112 or submit the online form.

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