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Printed Circuit Board Assembly quality inspection and testing

Our company provides the highest quality of PCBA circuit board manufacturing services and electronic services repairs.

Customer satisfaction is paramount in all company activities.

Our team’s primary task is to meet the requirements and value expectations of both our external and internal customers and our quality operational procedures. Realtime Technologies is a Contract Electronics Manufacturer (CEM) located in Dublin. We focus on the highest quality, short lead time, fast delivery of PCBA products and electronic engineering services. Our customers are international industrial companies, medical equipment manufacturers, secure payment systems providers, automotive and aerospace engineering companies. We pride ourselves on being one of the premium electronic services providers in Ireland and ensure all our products are of exceptional quality to provide reliability to our customers.

Our facilities meet the highest quality standard and as a result have earned the ISO 9001 and AS 9100D certificates.

The certification is the culmination of a comprehensive quality assurance program implemented by our team. It covers all of our electronic manufacturing processes and PCB production procedures. This program has also seen our comprehensive quality manual’s publication as part of our regularly reviewed and audited Quality System.

Our plant has 4 high volume SMT production lines.

We are constantly looking for ways to invest back into our processes to keep providing the best products we can. Some key pieces of equipment that we have invested in are the new X-ray inspection, Universal Fusion MPM Accela Printer, PCB picks and places fusion, Cyber optics flex. We widely use X-ray inspection in PCB assembly and testing of PCB fabrication. CyberOptics’ Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) system can provide RTT to inspect various defects with high performance and accuracy efficiently.

Realtime Technologies also has the ISO 13485 certification.

Achieving the ISO 13485 certificate demonstrates Realtime’s ability to provide medical equipment, manufacturing and electronic services. Realtime products and services consistently meet customer and regulatory requirements applicable to medical equipment and related electronic services.

The core of our quality policy is electronic services training.

Realtime Technologies is a leading service provider of technology training to the industrial electronics sector. We understand the necessity of parallel operational practices with a quality-focused training structure. We regularly assess our training to ensure that our training is best in class so we can maintain our standards are ensure to deliver the highest quality products and services to all our customers

Read more about our electronic training services here.

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