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Realtime Technologies is a leading provider of Electronic Manufacturing Services and integrated supply chain solutions in Europe. 

We design, manufacture, test, and repair PCB assemblies for many industries, such as Aerospace,  Automotive, and Medical. Our electronic manufacturing and aftermarket services offer competitive outsourcing benefits for our consumers. Thus, we provide as access to our lean manufacturing technologies, shorter product time-to-market, competitive and flexible pricing structures, and total asset turnover.

We offer world-class Services from printed circuit board (PCB) design, prototypes, circuit board repair and rework services to complete product assembly.

Realtime Technologies is a Contract Electronic Manufacturing company. Realtime’s roots lie in the rework and repair of printed circuit boards which is now incorporated in our services division. We are headquartered in Dublin, with further facilities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We offer our services worldwide. Our contract manufacturing division supports full turnkey high and low-mix PCB assembly and electronic manufacturing services. Thereby, our volumes range from prototype quantities to small runs for pre-production purposes, to high volume production.

The innovation, high quality, cost-effective service of the business has helped to develop the company to its present size. We have more than 22 years experience in the industry. Realtime Technologies provides the fastest service, high quality and competitive prices of PCB products. Our circuit boards all go through the PCB inspection process and testing.  Thus, we provide high standard printed circuit boards for our clients. Realtime also offers a number of complimentary value-add services such as supply chain management, box build, test, environmental screening, and reverse logistics.

We employ almost 60 people in our 35,000 sq. ft. Facility. Moreover, Realtime Technologies constantly invests in the latest robotic, inspection and test equipment to ensure the highest quality and constant partnerships with our customers.

Our Capabilities and Service Offerings:

  • Printed circuit board design service
  • Volume PCB and Electronic Assembly
  • Fully Automated SMT Lines
  • ICT and Functional test
  • BGA Placement and X-ray inspection
  • Fully Integrated Supply Chain
  • Post Sales Customer Service

You can get further information on the markets served and electronic manufacturing services offered on the relevant divisional tabs.

If you’d like to discuss a project, take a look around our facility in Dublin, please, email [email protected]

For any further information please get in touch with Realtime Technologies through the contact page.

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