Realtime Technologies has recently added a 2nd SMARTFLOW 2020 Selective Soldering System from ERSA to their Production Lines.

The SMARTFLOW 2020 is a compact, cell-based selective soldering system with a base area of less than 2, 5 m². The acquisition of a 2nd SMARTFLOW 2020 system by Realtime provides another level of flexibility and supports both rapid product changeover for various high-mix, high-quality, low volume builds as well as offering increased throughput and maintaining consistency when both machines are required to support the same product range in larger batch builds.

Selective Soldering System SMARTFLOW is one of the 1st platforms to use the ERSASOFT 5 operating system.

It offers a very stable, intuitive and flexible user interface which facilitates live process monitoring, as well as the ability, adjust and optimize program process parameters while the machine is running.

With the ability to quickly change the solder bath in the SMARTFLOW 2020 Realtime also has the flexibility to change the Alloy it uses in the Selective Soldering process to satisfy both customer and regulatory requirements in a matter of minutes.

With the supply of high-quality Nitrogen available from Realtime’s on-site N2 generation plant readily available the installation of the new SMARTFLOW was completed and available to production within a day.

The Ersa SMARTFLOW 2020 utilizes the same software platform as well as the Wear-Free Electromagnetic Induction Pump and Fluxer Technology used on the larger fully automatic inline machines from ERSA. This, aligned with excellent quality produced and the high Overall Operational Efficiency seen from the SMARTFLOW 2020 by Realtime over the last year has made the equipment selection process for Realtime in choosing the 2nd system an easy one.

Smartflow 2020 -Selective Soldering System
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