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Quality Policy: Realtime Technologies will provide the highest quality products and services by maintaining the effectiveness of the QMS while driving a culture and value of continuous improvement in order to meet or exceed customers’ requirements.

Customer satisfaction is paramount to all company activities. The primary task of our team is meeting the requirements and value expectations of both our quality operational procedures and our external customers.

Our facilities are certified to the ISO9001:2008 quality standard. The certificate is the culmination of a comprehensive quality assurance programme implemented by our team, which covers all of our manufacturing processes and procedures. This programme has also seen the publication of our comprehensive quality manual as part of our regularly reviewed Quality System.

We pride ourselves on its effective implementation, and regular review, in line with our growing business.

Realtime Technologies is also certified to ISO 13485:2003. This demonstrates Realtimes ability to provide medical equipment and related services that consistently meet customer requirements and regulatory requirements applicable to medical equipment and related services.

At the core of our quality policy focus is training. As a leading service provider of technology training to the industry, Realtime understands the necessity to parallel operational practices with a quality-focused training structure. Read more about our Realtime Training.

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