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Rework and Repair

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Rework & Repair

Realtime Technologies offers a wide range of PCB repair services and carries out thousands of component level repairs every week to a broad range of manufacturers, distributors and OEMs. With a highly skilled, trained and certified team, Realtime offers a cost effective solution to your repair requirements. Whether it is high volume complex ECO implementation, or component replacement, we can provide a rapid solution and minimise the cost.

We take pride in our rework responsiveness, which has been commended time and time again. Our IPC certified team handles low, medium and high volume rework requests, particularly ideal for quick-turnaround requirements. Understanding our inspection and test capabilities, including IPC Class A, B & C, along with optical screening, X-ray and customised test verification, means you the customer is not affected.

Some of the wide range of repair services available from Realtime Technologies:

  • Engineering change implementation
  • Pad & track repair
  • Wire adds
  • Component replacement
  • Chip 0402
  • SMT Fine-pitch & THM
  • BGA & mBGA
  • High value component repair and recovery
  • Low volume prototype assembly
  • End Of Life project support
  • X-ray, ATE & functional retest

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