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Realtime Prototyping

Time-to-market has become an even more critical component in the successful market introduction of new PCB Printed Circuit Boards and medical device products. Realtime Technologies has developed manufacturing prototyping services with this in mind. Low-cost, flexible prototyping is key to developing product success. We have the skills, equipment, and prototyping experience to reduce your product’s development time dramatically removing the headache from your prototyping project. At Realtime, prototype products gets the same quality- focused attention as volume build, giving you the client a guaranteed completed product ready for shipment.

Flexibility allows you changes and updates at the prototyping stage, integrated using our engineering expertise, minimizing costs at any future production. We provide very low to medium volume manufacturing services with total service support. Key support elements to our focused prototyping services include:

  • Rapid turnaround – 3 day turnaround can be achieved
  • DFM Inputs provided during build process
  • Economic order quantity support to minimize excess inventory
  • Post build report

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